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CV:  Adam Brown


Mr. Brown is a long established marine consultant and professional deep-sea diver. With over twenty five (25) years of experience on both domestic and international projects, Mr. Brown has extensive expertise in maritime and environmental port issues. He has developed a broad network within the maritime industry, acting as technical consultant and liaison between the public and private sectors on both large and small waterfront revitalization projects, helping to expand functional capacities for water-dependant and public access uses wherever possible


Mr. Brown has provided comprehensive underwater services on major public works projects including the Fort McHenry tunnel under Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and an 11-mile FDR Drive substructure survey for the City and State of New York.. In 1984 as a Diver-Medic, he specialized in hyperbaric medicine, treating diving-related injuries at the North American Hyperbaric Center – a subsidiary of International Underwater Contractors. In 1997 Mr. Brown founded the Not-for-Profit Working Waterfront Association, where in 2001 he developed a national information and communication web portal enabling the U.S. Coast Guard to communicate with port safety and security stakeholders.


In addition to recently forming SilverScreen Marine, which provides coordination, safety and underwater services to the motion picture and television industries, Mr. Brown chairs a standing sub-committee of the Harbor Safety, Operations and Navigation Committee of the Port of NY and NJ.



Mr. Brown is a certified commercial diver with wide-ranging experience. While he is skilled in many areas of marine construction, he has spent the last 20 years specializing in the area of near shore underwater structural inspection. Mr. Brown has in-depth hands on experience as well as comprehensive project management and supervisory experience.


As an NBIS certified bridge inspector, Mr. Brown has conducted the underwater inspection of hundreds of bridges ranging in size from small culverts to large multi-span cable bridges such as the Commodore Barry in Philadelphia, PA. He has extensive experience in underwater condition surveys of bridges, dams, piers, wharves, bulkheads, pipelines, cable crossings, cribbing structures, and vessels. Additionally he has extensive quality assurance inspection experience.


He is trained in the use of heavy and lightweight surface supplied deep air and mixed gas diving systems; recompression chamber operations; steel, concrete and timber marine structure fabrication, installation and rehabilitation methods, ship salvage and repair; underwater welding and burning; the use of pneumatic and hydraulic dock building tools (i.e. chainsaws).


He has performed underwater welding and burning, installed underwater timber, metal and composite patches and underwater concrete formwork; placed underwater concrete and epoxies by hand, pumping, tremie pour and injection methods. Mr. Brown has installed underwater pipelines; worked on dams and their related appurtenances, and systems. He is skilled in underwater still photography and videography, and at operating a wide variety of watercraft from 8 foot skiffs to a 130 foot, 200 ton former NYC fireboat. 


Professional Certifications


Association of Diving Contractors, Commercial Diver Certification No. 127


Safety Inspection of In-service Bridges – NBIS Certified 1993


NADMT Diver Medic – Certified 1984



U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Institute

National Bridge Inspection School, Providence, RI

§       Safety Inspection of In-service Bridges – 1993


Professional Diving School of NY

North American Hyperbaric Center, City Island, NY .

§       Diver Medic – 1984


Florida Institute of Technology

§       A.S. Underwater Technologies - 1981





“Harbor Safety, Navigation & Ops. committee of the Port of NY & NJ 

§       Management committee, Chair of standing subcommittee


“Comprehensive Port Improvement Plan (CPIP) Committee”  

§       Stakeholder Committee, Representative




United States Coast Guard / USDOT  “9-11 Medal” – Recipient

§       Award Ceremony -  September 17, 2005



“TUGBoat Film & Video Series”

Traveling public film projections mounted on Tug and Barge units


§       New York State Council on the Arts

Ø       Multi-year program funding


§       New York City Dept. of Cultural Affairs

Ø       Capital construction grant and program funding




Web Portal:   “National Harbor Safety & Security InfoCenter” Developed for the US Coast Guard and Harbor Safety and Port Security Committees – 2002


Concept Design:  “Governors Island Cove Beach” presented to The Council of The City of New York, Select Committee on Waterfronts – 2002


White Paper: “Comments on Hudson River Park Trust’s Emergency Adoption and Notice of Proposed Rule-Making for Water Portion of Park”. – 2001


Report:  “Gowanus Canal, bulkhead Inventory Survey”  - 2001




Yale University, School of Architecture 

§       Guest lecturer – Design Considerations for Adaptive Re-use of Post-Industrial Waterfronts - 2001


City University of New York, School of Architecture

§       Guest lecturer/Technical Advisor – Waterfront Design Studio – 1999







Invited Testimony to The Council of the City of New York

  • Hearing: Intro 261, “The Accessible Passenger Ferry Services Transportation Act” - January 21, 2003

Ø       Committees on Transportation and Mental Health, Mental Retardation, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse & Disability Services.


§       Hearing: Ferry transportation with the Port of NY & NJ  - February, 2002

Ø       Select Committee on Waterfronts


  • Hearing: Governors Island Reuse and development – October, 2002

Ø       Select Committee on Waterfronts


  • Hearing: Intro. 65, an amendment to the city charter that would require the Department of City Planning to develop and keep an inventory of city-owned property on the waterfront. – May 2002    

Ø       Select Committee on Waterfronts


National Conference of Harbor Safety & Port Security Committees

Conference facilitated by US Coast Guard Headquarters

·         Introduction to the National Harbor Safety & Security InfoCenter web portal. Presentation to General assembly – April 2004 


·         Demonstration/discussion of the National Harbor Safety InfoCenter for national conference steering committee and USCG HQ representatives – March 2003


“Urban Waterfronts” – The Waterfront Center’s 19th Annual Int’l Conference

·         Speaker - Moderator; “Waterfront Safety within Multi-use Urban Port Complexes” – 2001



Work History (Selected Projects) 

06/84 - Present

Adam Brown  – NY, NY 

Marine Consultant

New York Marine and General Insurance Co.

  • Pier 205, Jersey City, NJ, Insurance claim lawsuit – Special consultant hired to determine causes of pier collapse in $15 million multi-party lawsuit.


New York State Parks

§       Gantry State Park, L.I.C. – Pre-acquisition, underwater condition survey of timber piers slated for public access and potential vessel berthing.


§       Riverbank State Park, Manhattan – Technical advisor for several vessel berthing and mooring proposals.


Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation

§       Gowanus Canal Bulkhead Inventory Survey, Brooklyn – Publicly funded study of 16,000 feet of canal soil-retaining structures spanning 95 separate property lots.


§       Published report and presentation was used to secure $5 million in federal funding for environmental remediation and public use planning.


Liberty challenge

§       New York Upper Harbor - Marine coordinator for national 15-mile marathon outrigger canoe race. Responsible for safety of race participants and coordinating vessel traffic along racecourse.


Hudson Marine, Inc.

§       Prepare final condition survey reports for submission to New Jersey Dept. of Transportation’s annual in-service bridge inspection program.


06/04 – Present

SilverScreen Marine - NY, NY 

Marine Coordination and Safety Services: Motion Picture & Television Industry

Principal / Marine Coordinator


§       Warner Bros. Television “Third Watch” – 2005

Ø       Marine Coordination


§       Columbia Pictures “Hitch” – 2004

Ø       Marine Coordination and safety divers for Will Smith and production crew


08/97 – Present

Working Waterfront Association, Inc. - NY, NY 

 Founder / President    


§       The not-for-profit Working Waterfront Association provided on-going education programs and developed important initiatives that fostered intelligent waterfront planning, safety, and access for our nation's waterways and port estuary complexes.


9/01 – 10/03


Ocean and Coastal Consultants, Inc. – Trumbull, CT 

Consulting Engineers


Battery Park City Authority

§       Post-event WTC attack: Structural inspection of concrete pile, timber pile relieving platform and platform support structure. CCTV, photographic, level I-III examination of structures for the possible seismic and impact damage resulting from the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.

Ø       Diving Supervisor / Lead Diver


09/85 - 12/01

Lane-Robinson Associates Inc. – Old Lyme, CT

Consulting Engineers


New York State Department of Transportation 

§       Manhattan West side inspection of 17 Piers and 2.5 miles of bulkhead. Baseline studies and subsequent re-inspections of these structures over a period of 5 years.

Ø       Diving Supervisor / Lead Diver


§       FDR Drive Roadway; underwater inspection of 11.5 miles of waterfront.  Filled retaining structures (retaining walls, bulkheads, relieving platforms, concrete piles, marine borer investigation, red flagging structures).

Ø       Job Superintendent / Lead Diver


New York Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

§       Marine Parkway Bridge quality assurance inspection; bridge rehabilitation.

Ø       Job Superintendent / Lead Diver


Connecticut Dept. of Transportation

§       3000' underwater interior pipeline inspection, city of New London.

Ø       Diving Supervisor / Lead Diver


§       Underwater inspection of 350 bridges state wide, CT State Pier, Ferry terminals, emergency inspection and subsequent quality assurance of scour remediation measures.

Ø       Lead Diver


Delaware Department of Transportation

§       Annual inspection of 135 bridges statewide over a period of seven (7) years including inspection of the Indian River Bridge on an emergency and annual basis.

Ø       Lead Diver


New York Department of Sanitation, Marine transfer stations

§       Quality assurance inspection during rehabilitation all NYC marine transfer stations.

Ø       Job Superintendent / Diver


09/85 - 12/01

Lane-Robinson Associates, Inc. – East Lyme, CT (cont.)

Consulting Engineers


Massachusetts/ Yankee Atomic power plant

§       Underwater inspection of reactor cooling system.

Ø       Lead Diver


US Naval Shipyard Philadelphia, PA.

§       Condition survey / QC assurance of coating, pile posting, replacement, shotcrete, and anode installation.


Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

§       CCTV Underwater inspection of graving dock sills and caisson guides


1/95 – 11/95

Metropolitan Opera House – NY, NY

Electric Department


§       Met Titles installation ($4 million capital improvement project)

Ø       Project Manager / Job Superintendent for crew of 80



Han Padron EngineeringNY, NY

Consulting Engineers


§       Underwater condition survey of open roadstead pier substructure. Honduras, C.A.

Ø       Lead Diver


11/83 – 05/84

Caldwell Diving Co. – Toms River, NJ

Marine & Underwater Construction


§       Emergency ship salvage; various waterfront facility construction and rehabilitation projects.

Ø       Diver


01/81 – 10/83

SubOceanic Consultants Inc. – Naples, Fl

Consulting Engineers


§       Puerto Rico, wastewater treatment facilities

Daily quality assurance inspection during construction.

Ø       Lead Diver


§       Baltimore Department of Transportation

Fort McHenry Tunnel quality assurance inspection during construction.

Ø       Lead Diver



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