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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn't we just hire scuba divers from the local dive shop?
What we do is not sport diving. Marine coordination, safety and construction diving activities are considered work by the US Coast Guard and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and trained professionals are required. From a liability standpoint,  insurance carriers will not cover sport divers performing underwater work. Your production needs to be protected, and hiring only certified professional divers gives you that security. When you hire SilverScreen Marine, you can be assured that our crew has the credentials, skills and experience required to get the job done.

Does my production need special permits to film in New York Harbor?

Generally, Yes. The US Coast Guard has placed numerous security zones surrounding high risk structures, facilities, and vessels within the NY-NJ port complex and requires a marine event permit, or work authorization application to be submitted for review well in advance of your shoot. SilverScreen Marine can review your proposed production for compliance with Coast Guard regulations and expedite the permit process, ensuring a trouble-free shoot.

I'd like to film an underwater scene in NY Harbor. How clear is the water? While New York City waters may not offer the underwater visibility for those spectacular long shots available in the caribbean, it does provide  moody and dramatic locations to film closer shots. SilverScreen Marine is a low visibility specialist and can shoot exciting footage in conditions that others would find hopeless.

Is the water in NY Harbor clean enough to let our talent get wet? Is it safe? Generally, the water quality in New York harbor is clean enough for swimming without serious risk of illness. The NY Department of Environmental Protection regularly tests the water for contamination. However, there are specific locations and times, such as after a rainfall when the water quality is degraded, and swimming is not recommended. SilverScreen Marine can review your proposed locations for potential health risks and if necessary, offer alternate locations and solutions.


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