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Selected Credits


  • Chanel; "You're the one that I want" - The Film. Director: Baz Luhrmann. Underwater Cinematography, film tank.
  • "New York" Yash Raj Films:  2nd Unit Director, marine unit.
  • "Ponies" Greenbox Pictures:  Director, Marine Unit; Marine Coordination; Underwater camera.
  • "Going the Distance" New Line Cinema:  Safety Diver.
  • "The Caller" Belladonna Productions: 2nd Unit Director; Marine coordination.

  • "Verizon spot: Canoe" Smuggler: Marine coordination; Underwater set construction.

  • "Geraldo At Large - Danny Pelosi Evidence Hunt" Fox News:  Co-Producer; Marine coordination; Underwater stunts; Underwater cameras.

  • "New Amsterdam: Episode 1.7" Fox Network: Safety diver; Underwater stunt support; Underwater camera support.

  • "According to Greta" Whitewater Films: Safety divers; Underwater camera support.

  • "Two Lovers" 2929 Productions: Safety diver; Underwater camera support.

  • "David Blaine - Drowned Alive" ABC:  Pre-production script analysis; Diving medical analysis; Life support systems needs analysis.

  • "Third Watch" Warner Brothers:  Marine coordination

  • "Hitch"(Last First Kiss) Columbia Pictures: Marine Coordination; Safety/Rescue diver for Will Smith & Eva Mendez; Design and install floating film barge and mooring system

  • "Floating Cinema" Cinema Events Group: Marine coordination

  • "The Trouble with Gribbles" BBC World News: Marine coordination; Underwater Stunts.

  • "The Compulsive Traveler - Magical Dive Sites" CBS/RPM Media: Underwater camera operator.

  • Flight 800 for "American Journal" King World Productions: Underwater videography.

  • Evian Water: Crossroads Productions:Underwater casting.

  • Eddie Bauer: Marine Consultant; vessel charter broker

  • "Arizona Dreams" Directed by Emir Kusturica: Marine coordination, Safety divers for Johnny Depp, Support boats, Fish wranglers.

  • "Miami Vice" MCA studios: Water Stunts performer.

  • Macdonalds Superbowl commercial: THT Productions: Underwater set construction, safety diver.

  • "Artifacts" HBO: Bette Midler cable special : Stunt performer, safety diver.

  • "Pete-n-Pete Christmas Dream" HBO:  - Stunt performer.


    "Good Morning America" Underwater Fashion Show .  Water coordination, scuba training of talent, director.  Safety diver, casting director.


    "20/20" with Hugh Downs, : Great White shark expedition; Training talent, outfitting talent.


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